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Irish Given Name
Naming Conventions

  • Oldest son named after the Father's father 

  • 2nd son named after the Mother's father

  • 3rd son named after the Father

  • 4th son named after the Father's oldest brother

  • Oldest daughter named after the Mother's mother

  • 2nd daughter named after the Father's mother 

  • 3rd daughter named after the Mother

  • 4th daughter named after the Mother's oldest sister

  • 2nd wife's oldest daughter named after the first wife

Even when the system was followed, a child or grandchild may have a name that is an Anglicization of the parent or grandparent's name (e.g., Bernard for Brian). Or the grandparent and grandchild may have names that are a different Anglicization of the same Celtic name, as with Anthony and Owen both of which were used as replacements for the Irish name Uithne (pronounced "Owney").

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